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Relax, Restore &

with Reiki



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Reiki with Crystal Energy Healing

Relax, restore and recharge for the week with an hour long reiki treatment; Crystal healing, rose petal shower and aromatherapy included. 


Sunset Yoga

Sunset Reiki, Yoga and Mindful Meditation

Travel the depths of your mind and come out transformed on the other side with an optional hike to a secure and relaxing location, a private sunset yoga session, followed by a mindful meditation, reiki treatment and sound bath. 


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Relaxation Station 

Dive deeper into your practice with a 30 minute guided meditation designed for your specific needs. Aromatherapy, and sound bowl awakening included.


Reiki Treatment

Reiki Intention Session with Release Ritual

Break through, reset and reconnect as you enjoy a 2 hour reiki treatment involving a set intention, and ritual release; Creates balance and space for the new. Angel Card and Intention Card Readings provided as well with crystal healing, rose petal shower and aromatherapy.


Headstand by the Beach

Yoga on the Go

Dive deeper into your practice with an hour long private yoga session, choice of power vinyasa, vinyasa, or yin styled yoga. Modified chair sessions available as well to honor any injuries. 




Unblock energetic pathways and clear out debris that could be holding your furry friend back from experiencing their best life with an hour long personalized pet reiki session. 



Personalized Reiki with Crystal Grid and Sound Healing

Find energetic relief of specific symptoms with a personalized reiki session, customized crystal grid and sound healing. In depth Angel card reading, rose petal shower and aromatherapy included.


Aromatic Oils

Distant Reiki

Enjoy a virtual reiki session in the comforts of your own home or location. Available for yourself, and your specific loved ones at request; A picture or personal item needed for reiki at a distance to be most effective.




Packages available to combine services. Ask for details about booking your next event to bring holistic healing to those around you. Discounts provided for multiple service purchase, and larger groups such as bachelorette and bridal parties, weddings, birthday and anniversaries, fundraisers, spa, wine & yoga night, kids parties, and retreats.


Please fill in the form below with your desired service and any questions you may have. You can also reach me via email and I will gladly get back to you as soon as I can.

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About Amanda 

Amanda is a Certified Reiki Master, Registered Yoga Teacher, Meditation and Transformative Coach, Holistic Healer and a Licensed Registered Nurse. Her passion for reiki began with her own journey of healing from nursing burn out, and past traumatic experiences. Through the practice of reiki and yoga, Amanda used energy healing to gain a sense of balance and peace, creating a new way of life for herself. Amanda would often do treatments on friends and colleagues when asked, giving her the vision for Mind, Body & Soul Wellness.


Having suffered from burn out and the “ugly side” of nursing, Amanda understands the need for nurturing oneself in order to better care for others. She believes, “to become a healer you must first allow yourself to be healed. That is why it is vital for people, especially nurses and healthcare professionals, to realize the power and ability they have to heal themselves from within.” 

Today, Amanda's practice offers a wide variety of holistic services including reiki, yoga, meditation, crystal grids, sound healing, virtual courses, and 1:1 coaching in the areas of life, success, wellness, women's empowerment, and healthcare professional burn out prevention. Amanda believes together, you too can energetically change your perspective to bring healing, positivity, and balance into your life. 

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3650 Clairemont Dr. 
Unit 9
San Diego, CA 92117
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