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Amanda Perez
Reiki Practitioner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Holistic Healer and Licensed Registered Nurse

I was spinning in circles. I had everything a late 20 something girl could “want”; a size zero waist, a career, a beautiful apartment, great friends to party with, and the debt to prove it. Yet, happiness appeared further out of reach as I kept hitting the same metaphorical wall.  Frustrated and discouraged, I questioned everything. Why now, why me? My initial innate instinct. Why were problems from long ago resurfacing, and reeking havoc on my present life? Wasn’t I “over it”? I felt incapable of loving, or being loved, most of all I was sad. 


The truth was like many people, though I had become older and “grown”, I never truly grew from my past. It seemed the universal wake up calls meant to destroy me, were forcing me to transform. Instead of “why me?”, I shifted my perspective and asked how come? Seeing purpose, and positivity where there was once negativity. However, that alone was not enough and became difficult to maintain. That is when I found Reiki, or rather, Reiki found me. I began to self heal from the inside out, the healing was magnified by the Reiki energy, occurring faster, and on a deeper level, lasting longer with each treatment. Until one day I felt so filled with love, supported, connected, and at ease. I found balance and peace amongst the chaos, and an ability to channel my energy to work through problems. 


I no longer search for the answer, I understand I am the answer, and it was present all along. I Perform reiki on myself as apart of my daily routine, like washing my face. Every day I purge toxic stagnant energy, infusing positive abundant light in its place. 


To me Reiki is a way of taking out the energetic garbage that has attached itself to you throughout the day, week, or year. Try to imagine the amount of trash one can accumulate in a lifetime. Now add the trash that others indirectly dump on you. 


If you think this kind of toxicity has harmed your health, your energy, your body, or your mind, allow me to cleanse you. Together we can shift your perspective, find your purpose, and bring positivity and light into your life. 

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