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Amanda Perez | Mind Body and Soul Wellness

Amanda Perez

Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Holistic Healer, Shaman, Life & Wellness Coach

Founder of 

Mind, Body & Soul Wellness

Wild Women Sisterhood

Welcome to our Spiritual family!

 Amanda is an ER/ICU/IR nurse by day, and a burnout prevention specialist around the clock!


 After 8 years of nursing in NY, she had enough with feeling the downside of her nursing

career...compassion fatigue, burnout and a lack of desire to do anything with her days off.

 Amanda felt exhausted physically, mentally and energetically. In nursing school they teach you to care for everyone else, but no one teaches you how to keep your ish together when it all seems to be falling apart. 


This inspired the mission behind what later became Mind, Body & Soul Wellness.


Amanda set out on a mission, to heal self, and in turn was able to better care for and heal everyone else. Just like when an airplane is going down they tell you, “put YOUR mask on first,” otherwise you are not useful to helping others. This same concept, she learned to apply 

to nursing, it is impossible to give freely of self if your cup is half empty.


Which is why Amanda believes self healing is vital, and the first step in being able to fully care for others. In life we need to refill our own cups before we can help fill others.

The truth is, even before covid we were all burntout, but no one spoke about it. If there is one thing covid allowed, is for nurses to be open about what we go through, that we are human just like you. 


Amanda understands the process of self healing, of overcoming self doubt, of learning to put self first in order to selflessly care for those in need. Without medication, without humiliation, without judgement or fear, know that one of your very own is right here, ready and waiting to help you show up for yourself so that you can better show up for others.


Together we will get you out of your head and back into your heart, where that nursing intention and passion began.


 Right where you belong, aligned, refueled, and in love with the passion that fills your soul.

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