Kayla LaLa Lamour

Registered Emergency Room Nurse, Reiki Practitioner and Expressive Dance Healer

While working as a nurse Kayla began to feel the heaviness of nursing burnout. Intrigued in healing self, she became a reiki level I&II Practitioner which started her journey to self healing. As Covid reared its ugly head on the nursing world forcing  many health care professionals to experience burnout, she joined Amanda 's mission of Nursing Burnout Prevention. Together they began to heal Kayla from the heaviness of caring for others during the pandemic, and the truths about the self sacrifices nurses made even before the covid virus happened.  Using a mixture of self expression through dance and reiki energy, Kayla has been able to heal, and help others heal simply by moving their body, reminding 

them of the innate Goddess within.

Embrace the goddess within, as Lala Lamour teaches you how to heal your trauma through the expression of dance. Honor your SOULS desires and discover the natural beat and rhythm to the song of your heart.  Together we perform a choreographed and improvised dance flow, taking any organic movements that our soul is called to, the dance floor is then opened up into a chanting drum circle followed by a SPIRITUAL DANCE PARTY. Bring your favorite dress or flowing outfit and any accessories to channel your inner goddess.