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Lizzie Carsey

Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Yoga & QiGong Instructor

After experiencing a sudden loss in her family LIzzie began to feel the heaviness of burnout and grieving. Intrigued in healing self, she became a Reiki Level I Practitioner which started her journey to self healing. She later went on to become a Reiki Level II Practitioner, and as Covid reared its ugly head she joined Amanda 's mission of Nursing Burnout Prevention.

Through Mind, Body & Soul Wellness School of Energy Healing, Lizzie became a Reiki Master and Teacher, together they began to heal from the heaviness of caring for others during the pandemic, and the truths about the self sacrifices nurses made even before the covid virus happened. 

Using a mixture of qigong, yoga, and reiki, Lizzie has been able to heal, and help others heal simply by using their body movement, energy and breath. Embrace the soul within, as Lizzie guides you through a Qigong & Yoga Immersion.

Learn how to heal your trauma through the expression of movement and breath. Honor your SOULS desires and discover the natural flow and rhythm to the energy around you and within you.  

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